The basic Tennis course is one of the Tennis courses opened by the Saigon Tennis Center , to train those who are just starting to play this sport. When you come to the center, you will be given detailed instructions on playing techniques, diet, as well as how to move correctly. To be able to limit dangerous situations encountered when playing Tennis.

Basic Tennis course

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Basic Tennis course process in Ho Chi Minh City

First, the coach will test your level and abilities. To be able to offer the most suitable exercises for each person. At the same time, provide guidance and a brief overview of the knowledge of this tennis subject.

The coach will instruct you on how to warm up before learning to play tennis to limit injuries and cramps during the learning process.

Tennis technique 

  • Backhand practice
  • Forehand practice
  • Practice serving the ball
  • Practice returning the ball
  • Practice going to the net 
  • Volley practice (catching the ball)
  • Practice lobbing the ball
  • Practice small shots

Information on basic Tennis teaching courses in Ho Chi Minh 

  • 1 on 1 with a coach
  • The time and place of study are your choice
  • The study period lasts 15 sessions
  • Each lesson lasts 60 minutes
  • Commitment to 100% QUALITY right after the course
  • After the basic tennis course, if the student cannot play on their own, the center will refund the entire tuition fee


Tuition for basic tennis lessons in Ho Chi Minh City: 7,000,000 VND

Notes to know when participating in tennis lessons in Ho Chi Minh City

  • Tuition fees do not include field rental tickets.

Contact to register for basic tennis lessons in Ho Chi Minh City: 0762 319 319 

5 main benefits from playing tennis at a young age  

If you are thinking about getting your child involved in a new sport. Choosing tennis to play is also very good. When you think about tennis, thoughts of Serena Williams or Roger Federer probably come to mind.

Tư vấn học bơi và đăng ký học bơi tại HCM, vui lòng liên hệ: Hotline: 0762.319.319 hoặc Facebook: /swimtobelive

These star athletes began learning to play tennis at a very young age. Now they are top professional athletes admired in the world. Even if your child doesn’t plan to become a tennis star. There are still many benefits from basic tennis courses. 

1. Reduce obesity 

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One of the benefits of learning the basics of tennis is helping to reduce obesity in children. Currently, the obesity rate in children aged two to 19 years old is 18.5%. Although there is a sign that these rates are starting to decrease, it is largely due to community efforts to promote physical activity.

While your child is having fun, they are experiencing the health benefits of tennis. They will run, turn, reach and spin as they chase the colored ball. With the right opponent and a few lessons, your child will find the basic tennis course a fun workout. And will burn tons of calories because it’s a sport that requires you to run continuously while on the move.

Many report burning more calories playing tennis than lifting weights, playing gold, playing volleyball or even dancing. One result of all that exercise is fat burning. In fact, playing a singles tennis match can help you burn 400 – 600 calories per hour. 

2. Improve health 

Is tennis practice good for bone health? You may be surprised to discover that playing tennis is not only good for building muscle, it also has a positive impact on your bones.

Regular exercise is for everyone no matter what age. And while most of us start to worry about our bone health as we become seniors. It pays to get started as soon as possible.

By participating in regular basic tennis classes. You can increase peak bone mass. Can actually slow the rate of loss of bone mass over time. Bone mass peaks around age 30 and then begins to decline. That’s why it’s important to maximize bone mass as much as possible before reaching age 30.

After age 30, it is important to keep up with regular exercise to slow the rate of bone loss. And it’s great to know that tennis. It is a weight-bearing activity that is very suitable for building strong bones in children.

3. Is a great aerobic exercise

What are the physical benefits of participating in a basic tennis course? First of all, tennis is considered a complete exercise because you are using your entire body to play. As a result, it is very good for the cardiovascular system. But not only is it a great basic tennis drill, you’ll also get many benefits. 

Practicing tennis increases the amount of oxygen while playing. In turn, increased heart rate helps blood deliver oxygen and nutrients to muscles. Playing tennis also helps support capillaries in muscles. This allows the muscles to have greater blood supply and flow.

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As a result, the muscles can now operate at a higher level while experiencing fatigue at a slower rate. Playing tennis also allows your muscles to use oxygen better. Their muscles are then provided with a quick boost of energy. To provide explosive power to engage in quick, reactive movements.

4. Enhance flexibility and coordination 

When kids go through growth spurts, it can make them feel unreasonable and a bit clumsy. That can shake confidence. One of the benefits of tennis is increased coordination. That’s because tennis requires the full cooperation of the entire body.

You need your legs to maneuver into the right position. The hand is positioned with the racket to make contact with the ball. The torso and legs are used to provide the strength needed to send the tennis ball flying over the net with power. This process happens every time you hit the ball.

Each shot requires a combination of flexibility, coordination and balance. More flexibility for a wider range of motion. As your child practices and improves, they will find they can prevent injuries and reduce muscle tension by playing tennis.

5. Enhance mental health

There are more than just physical health benefits. Tennis is also known to improve mental health. Tennis requires the brain to be creative. Playing the game well involves a combination of planning, agility, and coordination of different parts of the body. 

And the more people play tennis, the better and stronger the neural connections related to those activities become. As a result, your child will naturally become better at this sport with the basic tennis course that Tennis Saigon organizes.

Your brains get a workout. Exercises that require a lot of thinking actually improve brain function. It means. Your child gets an exercise that helps them improve their memory, learning, social skills and behavior.

And they are having a lot of fun while doing it. But there’s more than that. Children who take basic tennis courses tend to have more self-esteem and less anxiety. Fewer of them experienced anger and depression.

Contact to register for basic tennis classes in Ho Chi Minh today via Hotline: 0762 319 319.